Social Support

When we talk about social Support, we mean social Support for people who identify as LGBT+ and their immediate allies. It is also an opportunity to socialise with your peer group in a safe space. We think this is very important to us and what we do.

Of course we offer our generic Facebook and Twitter pages. We publish daily updates, information, news, articles of interest and often generate some interesting debates.

Our page is public but our groups are private, safe and secure and monitored by a group of dedicated admins. If you have any problems with our Facebook pages, please contact us.

Online Social Support:

We have a very popular, vibrant and active social media presence via our Facebook social groups [click on the image for either our young persons group or our adults group]:

You can also use our inbox on Facebook to message us directly, we usually respond very quickly and are always happy to chat with you.

All of our social support is provided in line with our general terms and conditions.

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