LGBT+ Awareness & Inclusion Training

Training Is:

  • Available to groups, individuals, organisations and anyone who wants it.
  • The trainer is qualified and certified to deliver the course.
  • Delivered in person for large groups on site, or
  • Delivered via zoom or other online measure


To complete the training online at a cost of £14.99 click HERE

To book a one off session for your entire team at a cost of £300 call us on 01325 97 88 10

Our group training sessions usually last up to 6 hours and we set group sizes at a maximum of 30 people per session.

The benefits:

  • Assistance to produce and maintain inclusive policies & procedures
  • Organisation will demonstrate inclusive involvement within the staff team
  • Organisation will  demonstrate successful engagement of Allies/LGBT+ Support Networks
  • Organisation will demonstrate effective managerial Support of LGBT+ People
  • Organisation will achieve better LGBT+ Public Engagement
  • Organisation will receive free publicity about their achievement
  • Organisation will receive free advertising through our social media
  • Organisation will receive updated and realistic training in LGBT+ awareness
  • Organisation will gain recognition as being an LGBT+ Champion
  • Organisation will be able to work competently, sensitively and effectively with LGBT + people
  • Demonstrates commitment to CPD,
  • Become and effective LGBT+ ally
  • Achieve better LGBT+ Public Engagement in your work
  • Receive realistic training in LGBT+ awareness to enable you to work effectively with LGBT+ people
  • Gain recognition as being an LGBT+ Champion

Unfortunately we can only offer in-person training within a reasonable distance from where our volunteers are based. We currently provide this training in:

The North East of England