Week 3 Counselling Induction Training

Contents of Notes:
What you write on the notes is especially important. If it happened, it needs to be recorded. If it is not recorded it did not happen!
You need to make sure that you include all relevant details but steer away from opinion and speculation.
Please remember that the client can request to see copies of their notes; and this may leave you open to criticism and possible legal action if they take offence to something you have written.
It is good practice to stay away from supposition and speculation. All sections must be completed and if not completed a clear indication as to why.
As a rule of thumb, when deciding on the content try and follow DERP.
Discussed – what did you talk about Explored – what and how did you explore their presentation. Reviewed – is there any follow up from the previous session.
Planned – what does the client want to do between sessions or at next session.
Bullet points are fine if they adequately cover the required content.
As a guide, typically you should aim for about half a side of A4 in terms of quantity of case notes. Any more than this and you may end up rambling. Any less and you may be missing something out.

Note taking is an essential component of counselling, please confirm below that you have watched the training video. If you have any queries on note taking after watching this training video please email your clinical lead.

As all of our counselling work with Arcus is online it is important that we are all trained in remote working, this course will give you the tools to understand and consider certain aspects when working remotely with clients.

Once completed please send a copy of your certificate to contact@arcuslgbt.com

Please follow the link and begin the course:

How to do Counselling online: Coronavirus Primer

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