Waiting List Feedback Form

If the client does not have an email address, do not fill in this form, call them and deliver the information verbally.

If you opt to call them, you need to tell them that:

Dear {name-1},

This is an automated message just to let you know where you are on our waiting list.

You are currently number {textarea-1} on the list.

Please be patient with us our volunteer team is working as fast as they can to get you booked in for your first session.  We will continue to send you updates as we progress.

In the instance that you do not wish to wait, or you need to give us any other updated information, you can do this by visiting THIS FORM.

If you wish to contact our office to discuss your progress on the waiting list, you can do this by calling us on 01325 97 88 10.

Kind regards,


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