Durham Police: Recruitment

Durham Constabulary we will be opening their recruitment for Police Officers on Friday 29th May until Friday 12th June 2020.

All information regarding this process can be found on their website, www.durham.police.uk and navigate to the join us page. At the moment the information to date is under Police Officers but on Friday 29th May the application will be available from the recruitment latest position page.

Attached is an image that gives people further information about who would be eligible to join.

For any further queries they now have a separate email address policerecruiting@durham.pnn.police.uk which potential candidates can use.

They are also holding live chats, details via our website, on:

* 18th May @ 2pm
* 20th May @ 6pm
* 27th May @ 6pm
* 29th May @ 2pm

Good luck to anyone interested, do let us know how you get along.

CPS North East Hate Crime Uplifts – March 2020

Information from the Police about the recent Hate Crime uplifts: https://www.cps.gov.uk/north-east/news/cps-north-east-hate-crime-uplifts-march-2020

CPS North East Hate Crime Uplifts – March 2020

27 April 2020|NewsHate crime

Under hate crime legislation the courts must pass increased sentences where prosecutors evidence that offences either demonstrate or have been motivated by hostility towards a person’s race, religion, disability, transgender identity or sexuality. Below are examples of hate crime cases recently prosecuted by CPS North East, each of which resulted in a conviction and an uplifted sentence:

The Defendant, a youth, was convicted of causing criminal damage to his Mother’s property and racially aggravated harassment alarm and distress, when he uttered racial abuse towards a police officer who was arresting him. He was sentenced to a six-month Youth Rehabilitation Order with activity requirements added as an uplift in sentence to reflect the racial aggravation.

The Defendant was charged with offences of assaulting emergency workers and criminal damage to a police cell when he punched, kicked and spat at officers, using homophobic abuse in the process before also causing damage to the police cell. Upon conviction the defendant was sentenced to 14 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for 12 months, and the court announced this had been uplifted by two weeks to reflect the homophobic aggravation.

The Defendant was charged with theft and assaults after he forced his way into the home of an ex-partner assaulted her and a friend whilst uttering homophobic abuse. He was convicted and sentenced to 26 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for 12 months with curfew, unpaid work and rehabilitation activities. The Crown court announced this term had been uplifted by four weeks due to the homophobic aggravation.

The Defendant was charged with racially aggravated intentional harassment alarm and distress when she shouted insulting and derogatory words towards a taxi driver. Upon conviction she was given a community order for 12 months with curfew and further ordered to do unpaid work of 60 hours to reflect the racial aggravation.

The Defendant was convicted of racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress when, in a drop-in meeting for asylum seekers, he has referred to others in an insulting and derogatory manner using racist language. He was fined £52, which the court announced was an uplift from a conditional discharge to reflect the racial aggravation.

Darlington & Durham Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre – Helpline Launch

Darlington & Durham RSACC has launched a new helpline number to increase its capacity to support women who have experienced rape and sexual violence.

RSACC provides expert support to survivors across Darlington and County Durham, has made the investment to ensure women in crisis or those who are struggling with the long-term impacts of sexual violence can access confidential assistance over the phone.

The new RSACC helpline number is 0300 222 5730 and is open from 10am – 2pm every Monday – Thursday.

The charity says the Covid-19 Pandemic is causing increased distress for many women with other support services closing, increased isolation and a higher likelihood of dangerous situations in the home due to lockdown guidance.

RSACC, an accredited Rape Crisis centre, had more than 700 calls to its confidential helpline in the past year. It is run by trained staff and volunteers who speak to callers for up to an hour to provide emotional support and practical information for women who are dealing with the trauma of being raped or sexually assaulted.

You can find out more about the launch of the new helpline here<https://www.rsacc-thecentre.org.uk/?p=869&preview=true>.