About the Training

The benefits to the organisation:

  • Assistance to produce and maintain inclusive policies & procedures
  • Organisation will demonstrate inclusive involvement within the staff team
  • Organisation will  demonstrate successful engagement of Allies/LGBT+ Support Networks
  • Organisation will demonstrate effective managerial Support of LGBT+ People
  • Organisation will achieve better LGBT+ Public Engagement
  • Organisation will receive free publicity about their achievement
  • Organisation will receive free advertising through our social media
  • Organisation will receive updated and realistic training in LGBT+ awareness
  • Organisation will gain recognition as being an LGBT+ Champion
  • Organisation will be able to work competently, sensitively and effectively with LGBT + people

What is the process:

To begin with the LGBT+ Awareness Education is booked and delivered –  4 hour course, content of which includes:

  • What is LGBT+
  • Defining Equality and Diversity
  • Sex, Gender Spectrum and Identities
  • Challenges to the equality and diversity of LGBT people
  • Discrimination
  • Mental Health & Self Harm
  • Hate Crime & LGBT+ Wellbeing
  • Legal Landmarks
  • Importance of Allies
  • Putting Theory into Practice
  • Then, the Evidence based agreement paperwork is completed

What happens after the training:

  • Presentation of award takes place
  • LGBT+ Champions logo is made freely available for promotional purposes
  • The organisation receives publicity across Arcus social media
  • Press release is drafted for local press
  • All participants in the training receive an individual certificate of achievement
  • Copies of presentation & glossary are circulated
  • An increased public profile with relation to the organisations Equality and Diversity

What is the cost and how do we book?

The cost is £20 per person doing the training and this is usually paid up front.

To get started, complete a booking form.