Well-being and Mentoring Support Info.

What is Well-being and Mentoring?

Well-being and mentoring is a confidential helping activity. It is not counselling, but it is where the practitioner uses their helping skills to support you with you problems. You get your own dedicated support worker who will work with you on your journey. It acts as a signposting and referral service, with emotional support, befriending or just a place where you can have a rant, vent, or share what is going on. A place where we can encourage you to be all you can be and more!

You get your own dedicated Support Worker for continued repeated sessions!

Who can access Well-being and Mentoring with Arcus?

  • Anyone who is on a means tested benefit
  • Anyone who works 10 hours a week or less
  • Anyone who is on an otherwise limited income
  • Please note that proof of these may be required
  • Anyone who requires a professional helping relationship but does not need counselling

Is there a cost?

Yes for those individuals who satisfy the above by being on a limited or low income there is a nominal charge of £1 per session which is paid up front for a block of initially 5 sessions [this can be extended].

To access 1:1 Support, please CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE A REFERRAL FORM

If you are not on benefits or a low income and still want Support, please click here to be re-directed to one of our fee paying partners who can arrange to provide 1:1 support to you at a reasonable capped rate.